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average score
He, an average score of less than -3 isn't very cool I think. Why do you do this? You voted 95 times, so many bad tiles I can't find. That's pretty unfair.
You haven't made any art....
Yet you vote everyonhe badly and just find thae bad tiles? thanx. so appreciated
Good point
I did vote down some of the poor tiles, but I also voted nicely for some for some quality quilts. Good point, I will try to do some art so I can get trashed on a bit. Thanks for the tips.

Re: Good point
Heh, I was wondering if this was you, Trent :) You have two different logins? :)

Re: Re: Good point
Hey Jon! Long time.

Yea my stupid little brother is TCM, and then the dumass logged on the site from my house, which defaulted to my account. GRRR. Hopefully he will chill out. Anyhow sorry about that.

How are things with you? Lets catch up sometime.

Re: Re: Re: Good point
hehe, get the leash on him! :) Things are great over here, drop me an email sometime.

Thanks for the comment on my Ninja Turtle tile for Newbies III. I do enjoy any constructive critism of which you never gave me. "This tile just sucks....". With an avg. of -3.3, the problem is not the tiles, it is you. Did you ever read the grading terms? A negative score means "it would have been better if they had never done the tile at all." There are only very few tiles on iCE that deserve negative scores. What a schmuck.... :)
Re: Thanks...
Although that tile DID suck, read the threads above and you'll get the story about that comment and how that comment came about. Try to get over it Chris, it's certainly not bigger than you and spend your time improving your technique and not wasting your time reaching back in indignation! Hell, we are ALL entitled to a few bummers along the way and as long as the response to that horrible tile is past history, leave it there! I told you awhile ago, that I believe that there has never been a member of this web page who has fucked up as much work as I have, but still, I move along. If I had not made a decision to change my own attitude, I think that I would have been ejected back there in late August. I used to think that I would be a winner if I hacked my way through the most tiles in the shortest period of time. If ever my mouse was like a machette, it was in those days. I've got over a hundred tiles here, on one quilt or another and raised my score from a minus to about 270 points and I did this through the readjustment of both my technique and my attitude. I've got a library of bad work in my little gallery and I invite you to view these turkies especially because I believe that by seeing my mistakes, that you will avoid the very same snares and pitfalls. On the day that you work harder at pleasing yourself than you work at pleasing others, you will begin to walk forward. I have a great suggestion for you and a way to approach each tile in a manner that will surely make you better, When you set the blank tile before you and while your grip on the mouse is firm, clear your mind and concentrate on the blank tile before you as you repeat silently within your mind, "This is MY tile, and there shall be no other like it, I will not flinch, I will not falter and I will not fail"...
Go get em' Chris, Eddie M.