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Comment: tropical bomb
Checked out at: September 12, 2001
Checked in at: September 12, 2001
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No offense...
but isn't this a photo manip?
Re: No offense...
Hello Finite,
Of course, no offense has been taken and yes, this is an enhanced/altered digital photograph. Insofar as I must have a somewhat misconceived previous understanding of the rules, regulations and ardent intentions of it's founder, it would appear, as if by other standards, I have violated an ambiguous tenet. As I mentioned in my plea to be accepted on the Photomanip quilt, the honest reason for doing so, is as I've said before, "I can't draw worth a shit". I certainly do not want this fact to encumber my desire to participate but it seems as if it serves to circumvent the creators purpose for the quilt and in light of this, I will cease to issue tiles that are primarily, altered photographs. By now, you should have noticed one other photographically inclined tile aboard the quilt and ashamedly so, this tile too is issuance of my hand. If the fact that there are also areas upon both tiles that have been "hand done", as it were, allows the criticism to be softened by a degree, I would hope that this would be taken into consideration by others who too, will judge me. Could it just be that I am trying too hard? Maybe so but if the concensus is that photos are a taboo, well then I guess that I'll just have to learn to live without them. Incidently, if I were as gifted as you are (by a review of your work), I really wouldn't need to use photo images anyway! Thank you for looking in on me Finite...........

Sincerely yours, Ed Martin as (LIE)