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This tile is from Mainquilters Strike Back!

Comment: Lil Pimpin -- expanded from TonchyZ's idea in #tiles ^_^ Thanks TonchyZ!
Checked out at: August 24, 2001
Checked in at: August 24, 2001
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Hehe.. oops. I thought he was shooting a gun.. :P
I had the tiles to the top and left, and it looked like a nice pixelated gun. Oh well :)
I guess a nice bullet will come flying out of it for some strange reason! ;)


Nice tile btw! 4
Re: Oops!
*g* you did the smiley face in the cave tile that I love! :D this quilt should be interesting, i can't wait to see all the visible tiles.
Re: Re: Oops!
lol, yay im famous! hehe

yeah, im pretty proud of the tile to the north of this one, its pretty neato!
I can't wait to see all of the tiles either!

I saw in the comment for this tile that you go to #tiles. I read that it is on irc.ice.org, but I have tried to connect to that and it never manages to connect. I'm used to just using servers in the mirc list and having more than one server to choose from to get on a particular network. So i just typed in /server irc.ice.org Am I doing something wrong? Is that the only server that will get me into the channel?
Re: #tiles
Try connecting to
#tutorial ? ;)
Start mIRC. Close all windows except for the status window.
Type /server irc.ice.org in the server window and the hit enter.
After a while, if the server allows you to connect, you should see a MOTD and then you're online.
After that, type /join #tiles or just /j tiles
If this doesn't work, you could look for an EFnet server in your mIRC serverlist, connect to it and then join #ice instead and people will help you.

Good Luck!

Re: #tutorial ? ;)
or even better, open mirc options, go under the section where you can choose the server and click 'add'. fill in the info and click 'connect to irc' server. and if you don't want to type /join every time, under the section 'IRC'->'perform', add this line: /join #tiles (easy to understand). this way you can only click the connect icon when mirc starts and you will be on #tiles

btw, the other server is irc.lightning.net (#ice), but you can't go to #tiles from there
Re: #tutorial ? ;)
Alas, I tried those other addresses and it still keeps timing out. Could it be a "I'm on the other side of the world and the net is too slow" thing? I did just join #ice on EFnet though, but no one is talking...

And it's no good me adding join tiles to my perform bc then i'd join it every time i connected to undernet or ozorg as well. I use aliases to join the pertinent channels for each network.

This sucks anyway, bc I'd love to talk to you guys for real. Who hosts those servers anyway?
Re: Re: #tutorial ? ;)
Okay Kim, go to your mIRC (I hope that's what you're using) options menu, open the Connect list, go to the Options sub-category, and change the "If not connected within [##]" to something pretty high, say 80 seconds or so...

If that doesn't work, I don't know what will. :P You can try downloading pIRCh from www.pirch.com.
That has solved the problem in the past many times.. (but I despise pIRCh)