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This tile is from Mainquilters Strike Back!

Comment: Hurray! I believe i've found a new love: The Airbrush! Wowee!
By: Fydo
Checked out at: August 24, 2001
Checked in at: August 24, 2001
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Good blending on the sides, however, the cars look like they're from a child's abc book. I know you can do better than that.
I just happen to be in a bitchy mood at the moment... so watch out!
Fydo, dude, the smiley was admitedly cute the first time you put one in a tile, but... STOP MAKING THEM ALREADY

(Also agree with shifty on the cars... tree could be better too, you went way too quick with this tile, guy.)

Gets a 2
not understanding something?

This artist has placed a "little dude" on lots of his tiles, and hasn't recieved any negativity for it. Whats wrong with my little smiling dude?

Also, it would seem that things created with 3D Studio and really cool looking aren't recieved too well (see my floating city tile) so I tried a more cartoony look, which doesnt work either. What style should I use to recieve a higher score?

Re: not understanding something?
When he starts adding his "little dude" to new quilts and I notice, I'll probably bitch at him for it, too... but for now, he's gone unnoticed because he hasn't been active lately? But this isn't about him... Draw from life, Fydo. Go outside, look at a tree. Study how it's structured... THEN try to come up with your own style. You can only stylize things once you know what they look like, and have been practicing drawing from real life first...
Re: not understanding something?
Well, I don't really have anything against your "little dude" (which turns into a signature of sorts). The user you mentioned draws his character in a different position and/or style on everytile, not just a little sphere with a happy face, so maybe that is why people are more forgiving.
Re: not understanding something?
Agreed with both said above. What I've learned in the few weeks doing tiles here is that cartoon like drawings have their place and then don't. In my opinion more cartoon like tiles to me are signs of newbi material. But I know you arn't, I've seen your other work. I used to do cartoonish stuff but now I've totally changed into scenery / life objects. Again, these are just my mere opinions.