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This tile is from Mainquilters Strike Back!

Comment: Whee! Floatin City! And your favorite.. MARIO CLOUDS!! hahahaha!!! haha! hah. I also like the shade of blue that the sky is! Also, I put in some birdies. I hope you dont mind. Oh, and please don't vote the tile down just because i have the cool mario clouds in the tile :) thanks! I appriciate it :) hmm this is a long comment!
By: Fydo
Checked out at: August 24, 2001
Checked in at: August 24, 2001
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The strange white objects in the lower left corner of your tile seem to be overcrowding things a bit... ;)
Attack of the Mario Clouds 3! :)

Whilst I like the city, I'm still puzzled by your err.. overuse of those cutesy clouds...
Re: Gah!

He's only in 4 of my tiles! :)
I'm going to post a message in here, just so it can appear on the list of places that has new messages, and it has such a long comment :)

Anywho, while you're here, why not vote my tile a 5? hehe

Re: Hehe..

In retrospect, this was a stupid comment, not to mention the title for this tile.
Anyways, I just thought I'd drop by and say hello again. I haven't even thought about this website for quite a while. I have several fond memories of tiles.ice.org :)
I would *love* to get back into tiling (I wonder if I even remember how? :)). Currently, I have zero time for it, due to college and such. Bah, why must life get in the way of things that I enjoy? ;)

A big Hello to everyone I knew on here before.. andru, gecky, slothy, raganaga.. there are too many to mention (and probably some that I've forgotten)

Long live tiles.ice.org !!
- Chris