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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: Isn't this a fishy pic?
Checked out at: July 04, 2001
Checked in at: July 04, 2001
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Why isn't this tile working?
Nice tile, although I don't know what the pink-haired dude expects to fish out of that stream. :) The blending was a bit off on the left, but overall nicely done. You kept it fairly in theme and realistic-looking, which is more than I can say for some of the other tiles on this quilt.

Keep up ze good verk :)
Re: sweet
Thnx... About the blending thoe - most of the bad parts of the blending was actually in the other tile,...

IMHO, the only part of the blending I could have done better (I see now) is that little turn in the water stream which should have gotten a row of semi-transparent black pixels from me...
someone did an old-fashioned GOOD tile :)
brings some hope with it
I wonder why-...
I wonder why this tile isn't showm under "other tiles by Primal_r" on my other tiles...
Re: I wonder why-...
thanks for pointing that out, Oskar. It seems as though the submit script never finished running. I believe that is causing the "broken image" problem on this quilt. I have absolutely no idea why that's only happening on this quilt, and what's the cause. But I fixed your tiles so they all show up (as well as a few other people's tiles). Now to ponder the cause...