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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: argh the lava is coming! oh.. and that's supposed to be one of those coin-oped-fixed-binocular things :-)
By: finite
Checked out at: June 28, 2001
Checked in at: June 29, 2001
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about the blending down the bottom... I couldn't quite get it to blend properly, I think they are different hues or something. I think this is one of my better tiles (that's not saying much :), and I hope it hasn't screwed up the quilt for anyone else.
heh, cool
Nice job finite, this is definitely your best yet. I appreciate the comedy of having them looking at the town, ignoring the volcanoes, mountains, etc. behind them :)

Re: heh, cool
Thanks for the compliments Jon. I must say though, the way this city is turning out... it would be far more interesting to watch than a volcano. Ostriches running into twisters, Escher styled water systems, huge basketballs, extremely distorted pavement and other strange phenomena. :)
It's not a basketball! It's a modern art stylo subway entrance damnit!!! :-)
Re: noooo!
Haha ok, so it's a subway entrance in the shape of a huge basketball. It's still, strange :)