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A few of my favourite tiles...
There has been some really nice work done in all of the quilts here, but I'll just point to a few of my favs:

(In no particular order)
The desert, rocks, sun... awesome!

One of the first tiles that had my mouth gaping in awe. I also love
this one and this one by the same artist. Brilliant work.

This whole quilt is really spectacular. I couldn't pick a single tile out. :)

In a quilt full of some really weird images, this one really made my day. To quote Slothy "GoodLordYouFreakingRuleDarkmage!" :)

This tile and the tiles directly above and below, shows the fate of a poor paratrooper. I love how it turned out, great little bunch of tiles :D

There are heaps of other tiles I really like, but there is probably some character limit here and I'd reach it before I'd mentioned them all.
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it's a landmark of sorts I guess :)