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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: I don't know how this guy managed to catch a fish that big from the auqaduct. He has a funny lookin friend too =)
By: Fydo
Checked out at: July 07, 2001
Checked in at: July 07, 2001
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Yipes.. Error
It said there was an error when I uploaded the file. Doh.
This is my second tile, the first one uploaded just fine

Anyone know whats wrong? It won't let me reupload it (or I can't find where I can reupload it)


Fydo Gayness
Fydo Gayness
Voters.. pah
Hey! Don't start voting yet! You don't even know what it looks like :P

Good job
VERY nice.. good use of what you were given.. bonus points for proper interpretation of borders :)
Re: Good job
You don't have to interpret the borders on this quilt... all tiles are instantly showed... it was nice anyhow thoe - but credit where credit is due as the old saying goes... (or does it?)
This tile is still the sexyist out of all of my tiles.. Hurray. I hope to surpass this tile, perhaps with an Escher tile :) Arfity Arf!