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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: sigh...my first little tile... 'sniff' - It's amazing how fast they grow up and move out!
Checked out at: July 13, 2001
Checked in at: July 14, 2001
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It's a pretty cool looking tile, with serphant around the lady.. The transition with the stairs on the bottom is pretty good...

Although I do admit that I don't like how it's blended on the left with the building and the mountain above. i.e. lava to lightening, and building to serphant? hmm... the rest of this side of this quilt has been pretty successful at keeping a continuance of all the objects around it, giving a good perspective...

Again, your's does really well with this on the bottom, but the top and left sides are a little odd.

I do look forward to what else you come up with in the future!

Re: hmmm..
Yeah, no doubt,
you're grasp of digital techniques are very nice,
but your blending leaves a tad to be desired,
especially where the serpent meets building,

but hell,
it's your first tile,

my first tile looked like a small bundle of rat feces compared to this,
so, heh,
good work,
keep it up!

I was hoping someone would have fun with the neato stairs I made ;)

Tile looks amazing btw! hurray for it!

I love
the graphics work here, and the blending is quite good for the first tile especially. At least as far as technique goes. The tile however looks more like it belongs on a surreal quilt rather than here. It seems kinda out of place thematically.

But overall I look forward to your upcoming tiles.

It's a very nice looking tile, but this quilt is supposed to be non-surreal... you can even see the whole tiles you draw around... this tile is surreal, and so it doesn't fit this quilt.... but I really like your drawing style...
maybe it means...
Maybe it's showing what can happen in an ordinary place when you smoke pot (the serpent is coming out of the hash shop after all)... or am I being too generous to think that the tiler gave any thought to the theme at all?
Re: maybe it means...
probably, but it's a nice idea...
nice, but...
what does it have with to do with the city (non-surreal) theme?
Hey, thanks all
I'm glad you all generally like the tile... and for those of you that said my blending technique needs work, you are sooooo right. I think I got a little carried away with the center image itself, and lost the concept of a clean blend and non-surreal in the process. The criticisms are most appreciated, I've already learned a lot from this first tile!