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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: Blending the nature with the city
By: jamiem
Checked out at: June 18, 2001
Checked in at: June 18, 2001
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Well, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I tried with this tile to start bringing together the disparate horizon with the city. This city is by no means traditional! :)
Re: Herm
just in time to stop the hot lava ....great tile Jamie !
Re: Re: Herm
Haha! Perhaps someone will draw a tile where the water and lava meet?
Such a shame...
someone has been voting down Jamie's tiles. Such awesome work aswell... :/

I think a system needs to be in place that FORCES people who vote negative to write a comment.
Re: Such a shame...
Whaaat? It -is- low, isn't it... I agree with you on that, finite. Nice idea. I wonder how many times the person had to vote/create multiple accounts on this tile to get it so low?
Re: Re: Such a shame...
The googlebots have been voting again :) I got it all cleaned up now, but evidently my "googlebot-detection-code" must not be working as hoped. Hrm. I'll try to keep my eye on it.

Re: Re: Such a shame...
Jamie has never voted on his own tiles, I know that for a fact. At one time the search engines were running through all the links on the page and the last vote link it hit was the -5 button. So Jamie had quite a few -5 votes that he didn't deserve and a score of a 1.something. As Slothy mentioned, this problem has been corrected.

I wouldn't be so quick to acuse people if I were you. This quilt was availble to everyone, so 17 votes isn't that many. All of the invite quilts can only be voted on by members that were invited, so there aren't as many votes on tiles on those quilts.

Do you disagree with the current score of this tile? I don't.
Re: Re: Re: Such a shame...
Nope, not anymore.. it was a two point something earlier though. Now that, I did not agree with. And there were 32 votes, not 17 on this tile alone. :> Good job cleaning it up, Slothy. I had no idea googlebots could do such damage. :)
Re: Re: Re: Such a shame...
Before I fixed it, the score was like 3.1 or so. There were quite a few votes from googlebots on this one. 4.8 is much better :)