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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: Well I hope this will look good in the quilt..and als that it'll blend right.. (incase u didn't see: YES that's a basketball on the pavement)
Checked out at: June 12, 2001
Checked in at: June 12, 2001
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so so
Nothing to write home about. Definitely nothing I would want to put my name on. Kinda makes it look even cheaper.

Too bad
the basketball isn't really round.. it's more flat?.. some shading and lighting would have been nice....
Re: Too bad
Ize, would you mind giving me some tips on this..
i know you're right.. so i'd like to make it better in the future! you see!... i also kindof rushed the ball ...so that was a BIG mistake...

plz forgive me peoples ;-)

the Zeno
Re: Re: Too bad
hey you should look at what other people do.. but don't copy them... and look how it really looks... and just try to draw it.. I know im not very good at this, but I try and my skills have developed very much since I first drew my very first tile... :)
Re: Re: Too bad
Just take an object like a ball or something, examine it in the light, and look how it's shadows are affected by the light, then use dodge/burn in photoshop accordingly.
Re: Re: Re: Too bad
Well guys,
thanks for the tips,
i'll try doing this better next time then!
....................greetingz to u all!,
tha zeno
Hello's ...
Well sorry guys..
but keep in mind, that i aint into this stuff that long, and i am only 17 so....

be kewl,
mzzls The Zeno
why the name drop
its wack you threw your name in your pic. This is collaborative.
Re: why the name drop
kmccann, you are totally right about that!
i shouldn't have put my name on it, but actually i had one with the name and onewhithout (with a couple of more small differences..) but i accedently uploaded the wrong one of the two :-( and now i can't change it anymore...
but you can see zeno as my name.. or just think about what it means...

Be kewl,
Tha Zeno