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This tile is from A picture of a city... (non-surreal)

Comment: Wow. That's a big basketball.
Checked out at: June 16, 2001
Checked in at: June 17, 2001
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you rule!
Re: cool
Um thanks. Who's the jerk that got me down to 2.8??? I hardly think I deserved that.
Rant on Voting
I haven't voted for you yet....but I'd like to point out that 2.8 is mathematically a pretty good score still. On a scale where five is perfect, four is nearly perfect, and three is pretty good, you are hovering around pretty good.

I do know that it seems like there are people who go around voting people down artificially. I had two tiles which this happened to. With one of them it was my first tile ever (and ironically I wasn't able to vote for it because it was on a newbie quilt, and by the time it showed up, my other tiles had good enough scores) and somebody started off by voting it a four. Somebody else than voted it a negative two because after two votes it was at 1. It wasn't a great tile. Maybe worth 2. But it wasn't worth negative two in my mind. So I felt that whoever voted it down was doing "corrective voting". The other tile that got voted down was probably worth a three or a four at the outside. It too plummeted to about a 1, one day. Again, I felt this was a case of corrective voting. I note that corrective voting seems to go both ways. Somebody feels that their score is too low and in reaction vote it a really high ammount just to bump it up a little.

The point is....corrective voting isn't really necessary. If enough people vote, you will get a more accurate representation of what the tile really is and you (people in general, not bitSlap here) won't need to "correct" the scores by voting it really low or really high. So you think it has a score that it currently doesn't deserve. Well, vote what you think it would deserve. Not what you think will bring it to where it should be.

Rant over.

BTW, I think this tile deserves somewhere between a three and a four. It's a little boring to me (that's a personal thing) but the technique and the blending are quite nice. And considering what you had to work with, and what you gave to other people, it's a technically decent tile. Not perfect, but in theme with the quilt. So I'm voting a four.
Re: Rant on Voting
Actually, the person that voted this one down voted -5 on 4 of my tiles. This person doesn't like me for some reason. This person shall remain nameless.

Oh well! It's all good. I'll have to make some perfect tiles now.
Nice tile bitslap. I had fun adjoining mine to yours. Cool idea for the subway train. I like how you continued with the Lilliputian tradition, juxtaposing the subway train against that massive basket ball.