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This tile is from Mainquilters 31: Knorke!

Comment: kronke!
By: jito
Checked out at: August 04, 2004
Checked in at: August 05, 2004
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didn't you see my firehydrant!? aagh
Re: !?!
no couldn't guess really.
also they different depend on wich land you live.

i made an effect of water so it wasn't a bad feeling
were you eating mushrooms? XD
Re: !?!
hey you are talented
isn't humorist your second job?

abstract tile
Re: !?!
well what's good on your tile?
and you had only 4 and 5
and 3 from me because it deserve a 3

abstract tile

you don' t like my tile?
ok ...give me better borders.
couldn't guess what you draw?
Then draw better or go organized quilts.
Re: Re: !?!
i didnt mean any offense... but what is it exactly did you draw in that tile i'm still confused.
Re: Re: Re: !?!

there is lot of abstract tiles on this quilt
just watch more carefuly
or just browse the site and watch how people worked together
you have about 100+ quilts to study and enjoy.
i am here since 2001
and made bunch of tiles.
some before you wasn't happy because they think if they give you a body
you have to draw legs ; and sureal doesn't works all the time this way.

now if you are pissed because i am not a profesional medium
to see it was a firehydrant cartoon style
sorry about it.
i was thinking it was red piece of wood or something.
also in europe firehydrant are different ^^

Re: Re: Re: Re: !?!
yeah... but, shouldnt it atleast kinda look like something? not just swirlies and random colors.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: !?!
well if you don't understand the pretyness of abstract stuff
i can't do anything
also i am not going to talk forever to a monkey wearing glasses
it's stupid really. :D

you don't like it at all vote -5 and we done
and if you really need to argue with someone make
a new account go into noob quilt
you gonna find people to bitch at
were the comments for me or for italianize? first i thought you were pointing out to italianize that it is ok to do abstract art. which i agree with entirely, i love abstract.
now i think maybe it was due to my question about the mushrooms... which i made as a joke, because of all the pretty colors you used instead of using the colors in your borders. don't get me wrong, i love the tile by itself, its a nice abstract.
Hello jito
All the borders are looks like almost cutted off for me too.
I like your abstract tiles if you prolong the borders like here, but not this one.
Re: Hello jito
make a vote wich reflects your tastes
Re: Re: Hello jito
Sorry, I will not vote on this tile. The tile itself is very good, but I don't like such way of blending.
I like this tile :)
Maybe the colors you added are a little bit brighter so it looks a bit as dd said, but not so much, these borders are in different styles and uninspiring, left and down got darker lines... I think it should be so hurting to blend that. And, I really like your tile as whole paint, when it is without borders. So, I can't vote other thing that 5.
Re: I like this tile :)???
Jito, you are one of my all time favorite tilers; but, this seems to be a selfish tile. Per the tutorials, the quilts are collaborations, not individual pieces. I have read in the past,if you don't like the edges you get, you can cancel a tile. Stating you did not know what a firehydrant looks like in another country seems to me somewhat of a flimsy excuse as red is red, and not continuing the colors you received at the top or any other border is not collaborating in my opinion. Texel and Jito ... I don't want to come across as argumentative, but I disagree with you both strongly about the borders being uninspiring. In my opinion, they look like 4 very interesting borders to work with... but that's opinion. The fact remains that it appears you did not even attempt to blend at all and this tile hurts the quilt. Again, I have been told, if you don't like a checkout tile cancel it instead of thumbing your nose at the rest of the artists. Jito, I always vote 5 on the majority of your tiles because I really think they enhance the quilt; however, in this instance I feel a 5 is not a fair score (and I never thought I would say that about a Jito tile). I think most of the 5's are because it is a Jito tile and it should be judged by content, not who does it. It seems to be a newbie mistake...not a Master Artist mistake.
Re: Re: I like this tile :)???
was trying to please raganabanana doing this 4 sider
not my fault it's hiiimm! i sssswear!!!my preshiouuuuss
wasn't me!!!
well i think this part of the quilt is hurted by himself
anyway ^^
this is my semi-abstract interpretation
of the niagara falls.
i knew you will probably not understand
without a clear title.