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This tile is from Newbies 34: Over The Edge For Yonks

Comment: is this quilt EVER going to finish? And can we have a pixel quilt please, please
By: troy
Checked out at: August 20, 2004
Checked in at: August 20, 2004
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pixel quilt?
What do you mean by a "pixel quilt"? Is this a style of drawing pixel by pixel or does everyone only contribute one or two pixels?
Re: pixel quilt?
DanteLives, the style I mean, such as...

whatcha think?
Re: Re: pixel quilt?
i'd be up for something like that. it could be pencil tool only, maybe a limited pallette, and pretty small tile dimensions. any idea for a theme, or just make it surreal randomness?
pixel quilt
I would like to work in a pixelated quilt, but with restrictions. With a colour palette, and done with a program such as Paint by Microsoft, or other pixeling programs (I remember Deluxe Paint in Amiga, but I've not used any program in PC). Or well, with the pencil tool (the one not anti-aliased) in Photoshop. It would be fun to work with an 8 colours palette or 16 colours. Check this pixelated 3 colours "quilt". It is great I think.
Re: pixel quilt
oo glad there is some interest in this :D
yes limited palette and pencil tool restrictions would be sensible.

ideas..eek..umm..we could do our own office block or residential building like mr wong

or how about we could have a long thin one and make our own high street, there could be some amusing shops or ads

or night/city life

or umm, spoof ads or wrappers,

aw I dunno..anything!!
Re: Re: pixel quilt
oo didn't realise! above reply is me Troy...I'm was on upsatirs pc, I made the cee account yonks ago when I couldn't remember my password, it came back to me a couple of days later and I never used it.
Actually could admin delete that account, that really is the first thing posted under that.
Re: Re: pixel quilt
.. i'm in love with the idea of doing a pixel quilt, as i love working pixel by pixel. but, if we were to do a quilt, it wouldn't be isometric (like those buildings by mr wong, or zoogles) but rather would have to be just ... a quilt! with few colors, and restrictions.
Re: pixel quilt
I like this idea of a pixel quilt and agree with the limited palette and program constraint. To be honest though, I'm not sure how much I'd be able to contribute to it with school quickly coming up, but I'd certainly love to see the result.
pixel details
High Street sounds good.
8 or 16 colors, non-antialiased single pixel tool sounds good too.

does anyone have a palette they'd prefer...
and an adress to that palette so you're all on the same page?

disorganised collab i assume?

any other details or rules?
Re: pixel details
I would use an old-school pallette, such as black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta and cyan. I mean, pure colors, for example, yelow would be (255,255,0) in RGB notation.
I don't want to work...
... in a pixelated isometric street if you are thinking in that... I like pixelated, but an isometric quilt was done without good results and also it is hard to work with. I would prefer pixelated without any concrete style, like the link I posted
format, colors, method...
ok cool, you're talking surreal quilt format then... and from looking at the quilt you linked to i'd say that method could even be done as a mainquilt then.

from the links troy gave though, it looks like we're talking about two completely different animals.

doesn't matter to me either way. but, anyone who wants to work on a pixel quilt should put their two cents worth in now, so we get what the majority wants.
Re: format, colors, method...
IMHO a mainquilt with that method is too big and maybe not everybody is compfortable with it. I suggest 16-20-25 tiles that could be fast finished, for the people who want to work on it.
Re: I don't want to work...
i also think non-isometric would produce better results than isometric.. it just feels less constrained and more fun to work on.
Re: Re: I don't want to work...
I agree non-isometric would be best for this collaboration, I like both sorts of pixelling :)