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Yeaaaa, ten tiles done
Even though only nine are visible, I feel like I have hit a landmark by uploading my tenth tile a few minutes ago. Anyway, thought I'd leave a celebratory post on my page for this Ray-historic event.

Also, another invite to look over my tiles and give me feedback on how I can best improve them, especially tips on computer drawing skills. I currently use a mouse. Information/tips about purchasing a graphic tablet on a between-schools-student budget would also be appreciated; I'm looking for answers to questions like: What tablet should I buy? How expensive do I need to go to get something that will be easier to draw with than a mouse? For painting tiles and occasional paintings on the side should I even bother to invest in a tablet?
Re: Yeaaaa, ten tiles done
Hey Dante... I bought a graphics tablet for my work on the local community newspaper which cost £100, but you can get them for as little as £50. Quite honestly, though, I think unless you're going to do a lot of graphics then you may as well stick with a mouse. Thats what I use for my tiles here and I manage OK. But then I haven't got used to using a tablet yet so I haven't noticed the benefits so far...