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This tile is from Mainquilters 30: Village Of The Living Dead

Comment: zombies... how rude
Checked out at: March 16, 2004
Checked in at: March 16, 2004
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thanks DD
Re: ?
Hello Tony. Is it the question to me about my vote?
Re: Re: ?
just a footnote. not a question.
Re: Re: Re: ?
I don't get it. WHaT/
Re: Re: Re: ?
OK. I voted 3, and I really think that this tile is not so good. IMHO it has a big lack of detailes in hears, clothes and also faces some parts of tile (espessially the central part) looks very blury. I don't know. If you want, I can vote higher on this and another your tiles, bot what's the point? I think such votes are good motivation to put more efforts on your tiles and improve them.
Nothing personal, you know, a lot of your tiles have 5 from me, but not this one.
Best Wishes.
Re: Re: Re: ?
Tony, what hte silly revenge voting low on all my (also still not visible) tiles. If you want it so much - I can vote 5 on all your tiles even if I don't like them a lot. No problems!
Not Me
i voted no revenge or jealousy on any of your tiles or anyone else's.

i have not voted one way or the other [or even seen] the majority of your tiles. i wasn't around for the quilts they were on and haven't examined your work that closely.

lots of people vote.
when we post a new tile or a comment we draw attention to ourselves, so then people click on our link and check out our work... so after a tile or a comment is posted we can expect our scores to fluctuate. it happens to me anyway, all the time. all i can say is that i have not voted on any of your old tiles for many months. if you think you have received some negative or extremely unfair scores, then let me know which tiles and i'll look into it. as far as voting on tiles that are not visible yet... i often vote on tiles that are not yet visible to others... because they've caught my attention. and i vote what i think they are truly worth. since you brought it up, i'll critique your "hidden tile" here... so you can understand my reasoning... it caught my eye because the figure is almost photographic compared to it's surroundings, and really popped out. the background is kind of interesting if i look at it in ps and turn up the brightness, but it is so dark on the quilt that it looks black and sends off boring edges to the neighbors. the face/figure while interesting in itself because it's a zombi, is a single figure placed in the very center of a tile. those attributes tend to make a quilt a collection of seperate works rather than one flowing collaboration. just my opinion no hard feelings.

i do not want you to vote differently on my past tiles. i do not want you to vote how i say. i just thought it funny to receive several 5's and one three. [or several 5's and one 2... or several 5's and one 0...etc] but that's everyone's priviledge i guess, and human nature, so vote how you want.
Re: Not Me
I was not around my OLD tiles too. But a day ago. "Sombody" have coordinatly change his mind on my tiles in this quilt. Anyway, I'm not sure I will have some pleasure to be here again. So... nevermind...
"Sombody" have coordinatly change his mind on my tiles
it happens to everyone, me too. the scores go up and down. if they went down, then they are just as likely to go back up. [again, if you think someone is unfairly attacking your scores, just let me know which tiles and i will look into that for you. you can contact me by email, or post, or a private message on icq, irc or aim.]

i tried to let this drop with a "no comment". you already knew what i meant and i thought that was enough. but you wanted to discuss this, so we did. it's not a problem and was never a big deal to me.
friends discuss things and disagree sometimes. so, don't quit or leave. stay and just relax, and have fun, and make lot's of tiles. and if i'm sarcastic again in the future don't worry about it... it's just my nature.

Re: Re: Re: ?
Done. I hope now you are happy!
Re: Re: Re: Re: ?
i am always happy, or try to be.
i did not ask you to change your vote.
i made a very simple, albeit sarcastic, comment.
i'm a sarcastic guy though, so that's not a big deal.

if you truly want to make me happy though, you can send me checks/cheques, or cash, in the mail... i also accept PayPal
great detail...
Love the amount of detail on the zombies -- I think it looks great with lots of zombies in it!
Nice tile Tony
Looks like it would fit in on the wrestling quit.
i also accept PayPal
thanks Renee and Christine... i'm glad to see you're both still visiting and enjoying the site... when are you gals gonna join in again?
Re: i also accept PayPal
Hey I'll take some of those PayPal payments too :) As for getting back into tiling...I have been sooooooo busy lately that I haven't had a chance to tile in ages & I don't like to give it a less than good effort....so for now, I am semi-retired from tiling but enjoying all the extremely good artwork here!
However, Christine should get back into it...I really like her stuff!
Re: Re: i also accept PayPal
Thanks Renee, you're too kind. Really. ;-)

I'll get back into it again after I finish this photography website. Besides, I need the practice. I just did a logo for the site and it really stinks. Maybe I can talk Tony into doing one for me since he's got the time and talent. har-har ;-)
Re: i also accept PayPal
okay, i voted.

now, gimme candy.