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This tile is from Gullivers Travels - Lilliput

Comment: A more precise arrangement
Checked out at: December 12, 2003
Checked in at: December 12, 2003
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Here we go
Thanks for the input, inputters; I believe I've touched up everything you touched on. I think this one does flow better in the quilt. I liked the structure of the petals, but they didn't fit the scale (and were easy to erase).

Oh, and hooray for layers.
Re: Here we go
Wonderful work :)
Aww man.
I liked the plant, and don't see how it was not proportional?! Damn opinionated inputters. Lol. Actually, one thing that has bugged me is the 'flatness' of the coat arm sleeve. Looks like someone deflated his arm, heh. You don't notice it much looking at the entire quilt, but it looks weird alone. Maybe it's just me?

Good to see you working with the team to improve the art. Cool painting really.

Re: Aww man.
i agree, i liked the plant. i was just spouting off... and who's to say what a normal sized plant is, especially in a fantasy.
Re: Re: Aww man.
Meh, I've never really done cloth before, I just wung it. About the petals, I knew when I was making the tile that plants on Lilliput should be Lilliputian-sized, but then somehow forgot it by the time I got to that area.