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This tile is from Gullivers Travels - Lilliput

Comment: ZZZZzzzz Gulliver ver. 4 *last time, for Christ´s sake* =)
Checked out at: July 12, 2003
Checked in at: July 12, 2003
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I see you went nuts on this tile... :)
All I did was go to sleep and I wake up to see 4 versions of the tile! XD

Want to let me know if this is really the last version so that I could finally vote? :)
Re: dude,
Yup this is the finall version for sure, :D ha ha i submited the tile so may times and every time i see something i touhgt could be changed :D but yes i am sticking with this one u can vote.
ha ha ha Lol :D
Re: Re: dude,
Well, an obvious 5+++ from me :)
The third plus is for resubmitting so many times :P
excellent tile luis!
will not advice your neighbourg to use
the blur tool for this kind of quilts,
so good job with blending to hahahaha .
(no te jode... ;D )
Re: hola
je je que bueno que te a gustado, si yo tampoco aconsejaria
usar la herramienta de blur para este quilt =)
Thanks for the compliment jito =)