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Comment: In civitate libera lingua et mens liberae esse debent
By: TeXeL
Checked out at: December 04, 2003
Checked in at: December 04, 2003
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great job...
...on this three sider blending the different styles together seamlessly.
beautiful!! :o))

alta vista's babblefish translator could not do it... would you translate the title for us please?
Re: great job...
in {pr} in - into [ab-ac] civitate citizenship/city [ab,f] libera free {adj} or book {n}[nm]{adj}[nm ab f, NM AC n] lingua tongue [nm ab,f] et and mens nimd/judgement/design/plan [nm m f] liberae free{adj} or book{n}[nm]{adj}[gn dt f, NM f] esse to be debent they owe/ought[int]/have to {w inf}

Does that help Tony? ;-)
Re: Re: great job...
Crap, I spellt 'mind' wrong... nimd should read mind!
Re: Re: great job...
thanks wench :o))
yeah cool, i get the gist now...
doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but thanks :oD
Re: great job...
It is latin, a phrase from suetonio, a classical poet. It means that in a free land, mind and language has to be free. It is not related to the tile, just adding a good phrase as title :)
Great job Texel...if I could vote would give you a 5!