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This tile is from Dali Does Escher Does Dali

Comment: birds and fishes
By: jito
Checked out at: October 12, 2003
Checked in at: October 12, 2003
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Explaining my 4 vote...
Hi jito. I use to vote 5 on the most or all your tiles, you know I love your tiles. But, in this one, there are some things I don't like. First, the free noise, that is a hell to blend, and also it is not continuous at the top border, so my blending has been too difficult, I have not done a good enough blending by that at your border. And my other hand, I know how hard is to do tesselations, only some few people do good enough tesselations in the world (even there is a list of 30 or 40 people at some webs, the only 30-40 people in the world). But, in any case, this tesselation is easy. I mean, two objects blended in a easy way, the bird and the fish, and the union between these is too low. So, the idea is great, but IMHO it could have been done better. Well, I've done other tesselation for other tile in this quilt, and it is much worst than this one, and uglier, but it could fill the whole space. Other thing is changing the color of the tiles, I know the color scheme is not very defined, but you followed not enough your border.
I hope you don't care about my critic, I think it is the first time I vote a 4 in any of your tiles, and I'm not sure if you would like or not to listen to critics from me, I'm just a newbie. But since I like to listen to opinios why people vote me 4, then I'm giving it to you, so, here it is.