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This tile is from Newbies 29: What You Talkin Bout Willis?

Comment: fowtees of oww E and a chek'n wang helps me do my thang... fo shizzle my nizzle its the black tradition...
Checked out at: October 18, 2003
Checked in at: October 18, 2003
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wow, talk about stereotypes!
you've managed to collect almost every black stereotype in one image...
...i wonder what the politically correct types will say.
personally, i like it!
sinister silence
let the flak begin..
wow you noticed that the day the cigerazi tile appeared i had tons of comments and posts , and no one really gets offended by this one.. heh thats kinda sad.. i say this one is the far most offensive tile i've done.. heh.. people are so amusing..
Re: let the flak begin..
sure ok i agree, it's offensive on several levels. but i assumed the stereotypical images and ebonics were tongue in cheeck. and in the same vein as the humor we see young black comedians/entertainers performing about themselves anyway. bad taste sells these days. XD
but more offensive than swastika art??? i don't think so. just my opinion :o)

Re: Re: let the flak begin..
I second that.
perhaps i'm wrong but...
...it seems that your tiles are nothing more than an attempt to raise controversy instead of being a contribution to a collective work of art.
Re: perhaps i'm wrong but...
I second that.
sinister silence
Re: perhaps i'm wrong but...
yes all of my tiles are offensive , i've done 10 on this and all of them seem to be offensive..

so i guess your point was correct .. heh =/

and i draw my tiles ALL by hand , unlike 60% of the other tiles i've seen on here.. where people take pictures and blur them , or use filters and slap it in there...

but if my tiles offend you then i get a sense of accomplishment from it.
and i'm glad it offends you.. art is supposed to stimulate/express emotions , feelings , and thoughts... obviously its working..

Re: Re: perhaps i'm wrong but...
you're right, not all your tiles are offensive [actually, i believe only 3 of them are], but this site is not about taking a stand against "the man." There is time and place for controversial are but from what i understand at least this section of ice isn't it.
one thing is to create controversial art, another is to creat controversy for the sake of controversy, and it's this sensationalism of yours that i do not approve.
as for your comment about making the tiles, i've been using a mouse for most of my tiles, only my latest two tiles [neither is showing as of yet] have been drawn on a tablet. and if you look around in completed quilts [not noob quilts] you will find that most tilers really do put a lot of effort into their tiles than just "take pictures and blur them , or use filters and slap it in there... " whereas when your tile is of poor quality you just slap an offending title on it and claim it to be a highly valuable ppiece of self expression. so i guess i am not offended by your tiles, i am simply not a fan of your attitude to art.

Re: Re: Re: perhaps i'm wrong but...
oh and if you want i can criticize your tile without even mentioning the "controversy": the kfc bucket is centered, your borders are poor, and you used a solid orange background which makes your tile flat and uninteresting.
sinister silence
Re: Re: Re: Re: perhaps i'm wrong but...
whats funny is you haven't the slightest clue , heh , not once did i draw a tile to spark controversy , i draw tiles to contribute... but i'm glad your a mind reader and know my exact intentions.. heh.

as for the "centered" bucket and etc , thanks for the tips , since i'm NEW to tiling that helps me out a bit..

as for you saying you used your mouse "mostly" on this tile.. http://tiles.ice.org/tiles/quilt_283/23596.jpg i noticed you just used some pictures of people and shaded them black and white.. in a spot or two.. heh my tiles might currently be crappy , but i'll never stoop to chopping up pics to throw in my tiles ..
excuse me to interrupt here but
if you would have looked at the description if the quilt you're referring to, you could have read this: "This is a special 90% photo-manip-collage. This means that about 90% of your tile should be a manipulation of photos in a collage."
Re: excuse me to interrupt here but
thanks. and even then you'll notice that these images had to be tied together.