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This tile is from Dali Does Escher Does Dali

Checked out at: October 05, 2003
Checked in at: October 06, 2003
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... for being open minded and reworking your tile ;o))
you're a prince ;o)
Re: thankyou...
heh. i'm never realy satisfied with my tiles.. and when i am, i know it aint all that good anyway.. it's just me being blind .. so. i should thank you for opening my eyes a second time, heh. it's just like that. you get blind when you've worked with something for hours. and you realize it's .. not all that good. oh. i'm talking too much now.-
thanks for the nice votes!
Re: Re: thankyou...
you can still ask to send it back.
but i am blending on your top
so no changes there, ty.
Re: Re: Re: thankyou...
ok .. well. i thought about that earilier but .. nah. ok, i can see some small things to correct or so .. but.. i'll let it be ..