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This tile is from Dali Does Escher Does Dali

Comment: simple but confusing
Checked out at: October 08, 2003
Checked in at: October 08, 2003
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bravo heinzon!
Re: wow
thank you jito! and a coin, thanks again!
Re: Re: wow
tell me if i am wrong please.
first time i seen your tile it reminded me imediately
an artist and a painting from him.
i couldn't remember who ;
now i remember!
it's picasso blue period rose and cubist one all mixed haha!!
Re: Re: Re: wow
what a compliment! here i try to do a mixup of dali and escher and you say it reminded you of picasso.. well i'm going to take that as a very nice compliment.
heh. thank you jito.
Re: Re: Re: wow
This remembers me a lot to Juan Gris, not sure if he was the starter of that style of painting or not, but I think in that style, he is the best, I love it :)