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This tile is from Welcome To: The Battle Royal!

Comment: big...
By: Mantic
Checked out at: February 09, 2003
Checked in at: February 09, 2003
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Great job man!!!!!
I just gave u coin but it was located on the previous tile that u submited :)

ah! an another thing when are u gonna upload the next tile to this one?
bw AMAZING job i can´t wait to se the full res pic =) WWWWWO_oWWWWWW
Re: Great job man!!!!!
Ah, thank you so much for the coin!Hopefully that border you took won't be murder to work with. The high res is now posted, and I need the high res version from your previous tile for there

If you are wondering or surfing for detail references, that luchadore/enmascarado up there is not based on any real wrestler, nor are any of the others except Andre.
Wow-Fantastic job! I guess it was worth the wait! But please don't make us wait this long to see your next fantastic tile! ;)
Re: Excellent!
Yes, I half expected low scores across the board after taking so long. I'll be scaling down the originals from now on... perhaps the same scale as Tony has been using. That should be enough to get me on a production schedule even when the detail freak in me takes over.
the look...
being exchanged between Andre and the large breasted woman in the front row is too funny ;o)) i like the way you hit her in the face with the spotlight for effect. i'm out of coins but great job 5+
Re: the look...
She looks like my friend Betty but with 2x the clevage. haha

Nice tile :-)
why i can check this tile out even
if mantic yet have drawn it?
Re: why
hi julien,

the idea of the organized collaboration was that we could re-checkout each others tiles, so that we could truly work together on the the quilt and even the individual tiles and detail. so if we had an idea for extra detail or a way to improve someone else's tile we could just go for it, and someone after us could add to the tile also, etc. i believe all the "completed" tiles can still be checked out by anyone invited to the quilt. you know how it is with human ego though... we all want credit for our own work, so it seems no one will work on someone else's tile because the "ownership" [or credit for work] will change. so no one checks out another persons work without asking permission, and no one asks permission for fear of insulting. :OD silly humans hahahaha

Thank you ever so for the coin!
As Tony said, apparrently the code got updated (thanks to whomever did the work) to allow tile sharing on this quilt. I'm all for that! If you feel you can improve any of my tiles go for it! The high resolution versions are posted on geocities (link on the main quilt page).

There WILL be more tiles from me here at some point. The same open status on all my tiles here, past or future, applies for anyone I, Tony or Luis invited in.

By the way, it might be good form to allow the original artist to re-check, and thus reclaim ownership of, tiles in such cases. Personally, making the entire quilt look good is more important ;)