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This tile is from Mainquilters 20: Pirates of the Caribbean (or not)

Comment: One of my best yet - i think :)
Checked out at: January 16, 2003
Checked in at: January 16, 2003
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I think it is quite good...I like what you did with the water as well, nice touch. Good work on this tile.
Mystety user
wonderfully done
that's a small treasure chest, though ;)
Dude...u r all over this quilt.hehe.. awsome work :)
Re: nice
i still think the best one u did is the one in Mainquilters 19, the one with statue face & bald headed guy lookin at it...... AWSOMEST :)
Re: Re: nice
yup very nice indeed u used the ligth very well ur landscape looks so alive +5 :)
Re: Re: Re: nice
Yep, same in my eyes. This is the reason this one is one of my favorite - and not the one with statue&monks. ;)

@Greg, yes this is a small treasure chest, hehe. ;)

PS: And well, slice, i have done 9tiles so far ... out of 20. ;D
Re: Re: Re: Re: nice
i like everything about it, the blending, textures, details, light, etc, it's perfect. i can see why u also think its one of ur best so far. 5!!!
And sorry again for some of the border-pixels to the upper tile which seems to be a bit strange and made it in a way hard to make the border absolutly smooth ...
a very fine piece
nothing more to say. besides....
whats in that chest whats in that chest whats in that chest ??
A Treasure! *eeeeek*