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This tile is from Welcome To: The Battle Royal!

Comment: Good seats
By: Mantic
Checked out at: January 14, 2003
Checked in at: January 15, 2003
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dang that's a cool tile! i'm out of coins right now, but i owe you one ;o)
this tile needs some coins
Why aren't you an ice member yet?
Re: this tile needs some coins
Heh... guess it's that I'm a self-loathing perfectionist: I have probably tossed aside plenty of images that would do for a submission in favour of the big, super-duper-time-consumer thing that I feel is worthy of gaining my admission (we spoke about that one awhile back); making myself work for it. After all, why would I want to be part of a group that would (easily) have me as a member?

Thanks much for the vote of confidence!
Re: Re: this tile needs some coins
I said you had my vote, not everyone elses. :P

Anyway, I would assume you would look at the quality of the packs as a reason to join, not the old groucho marx bit.
Re: Re: Re: this tile needs some coins
No, really I have much respect for the group. Though less thn my best might do the trick I am going on the assumption of quite high standards.
Wow is right!
I love the way you colored this tile.
Sweet work !
Love that tile ... Would get a coin from me (though I didnt do enough tiles total , to gather enough coins)

Love your work! This is great!
why i can check out this tile?

there is a box where i can check it out