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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Checked out at: December 22, 2002
Checked in at: December 22, 2002
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Heh, wow.. thanks. I guess I've come along nicely, seeing my first few tiles. I'm still trying to figure out my niche when it comes to this new art of tiling, but I'm doing my best. Thanks again, looking forward to see your tiles.
This tile is too blurry for my taste, and with that part to connect with, the idea of canoes I think was quite guessable. But canoes don't have a stern like this, and you normaly use paddels on both sides. So I think it was done in a hurry without any good blending, but just killing the canoes as fast as possible
Re: sorry...
:) I think you're overestimating my potential, because I did in fact spend plenty of time on this tile. Specifically the canoes, and the people in them. I think my largest fault would be the water (lol, which happens to take up much of the tile). No use in pretending; I honestly don't have much experience in graphic art. Graphic design, yes, but not art. I tried to make it like water, but it just didn't flow. I'm looking into getting a tablet soon, so this might up the quality of my tiles a bit.
Re: sorry...
i don't think the "change" from canoe is to abrupt. certainly not any more so than the change from hot air balloon to canoe. i don't usually care for blurry tiles either but in this case... the canoes look like they are going down a hill of what looks like untouched snow [in the tile to the left], and it's flying up behind the canoe/sled where it should appear less crisp/blurry.

not perfect, but a nice newbie tile imo :o)
is the brown box in the middle? looks weired
Re: What
I'm pretty sure the brown thing is a rock sticking up through the rapids. And to Bullshaft, they're called kayaks. Canoes actually do use only one paddle.
Re: Re: What
Oops, yeah, you're right. But somehow I was so fund of the word "canoe" that I did not think of it anymore ;P