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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: The guy that rings the bell at WalMart.
Checked out at: December 21, 2002
Checked in at: December 21, 2002
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lol (again, same as in my paraglyder-tile)
3 votes, together a -0,3

just to laugh or cry about

Hey, who's the damn guy vote such bad notes this day?

Its by far better than a -0,3 ... look at this nonsense-border ... and look whats made out of it!

its ridiculous, laughable, absurd ... -0,3 ... just a loud moth***ucke* to those guys

i just give 5 points to say "come on guys, say something if you think its worth this low amount of points"
Yes and no
I started posting tiles on the 2ed quilt and I was unaware of a non-photo manip rule. True you should make all the images from scratch. I made the roses a few years ago for a web site. Santa is a manip (sorry, wont happen again) but I needed a sizable working picture of his face to complete the theme on my tile. Should have spent the time making one from scratch but I dont think thats really a good reason to give a -5 or -4. If it is then I deserve the low points. Thanks for the replys, good and bad.
what is tis? i votet, the forth vote ... and is shows a +1 after

and now i reload the page and its showing a -0,2

i guess its a new bug ....
Re: uhm
i think they voted low ┬┤cause it looks like a photo-mainip :D dunno if it is a photo- manip still it looks suspicious.

:D bw i did not voted:D

It seems
like there are 2 scales of measurement in here...
e.g. the better ones have to struggle and deliver a much better pic than a newbie to get at least a 3. That's not fair I think but well, I'm out of this quilt anyways, too many points