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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: This was REALY HARD! Best I could come up with.....atleast the quilt is done. hehe
Checked out at: January 04, 2003
Checked in at: January 04, 2003
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The borders are noticible....damn it.
Re: damn....
hahaha........ i love it man....one way to do a 4 border tile is to have a CENTER. another is to have a continuious flow FROM all directions TO all directions.. i guess u chose to go to have a center.. but very nice. haha..
Re: damn....
Yeah...those were some tough borders, but I really like your idea! I think that it does flow from the borders and it has a cool center...what else are you going to do with borders like that???