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This tile is from Newbies 19: The revenge of the auto-injector

Checked out at: December 07, 2002
Checked in at: December 07, 2002
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Good save with the DNA strand, on the piece of paper.
Glad to see you figured it was a stethoscope, and finished it off quite well.
Good use of chihuahua also.
Re: Hehe
Thanks. LOL, though.. it's supposed to be a mouse. I guess a chihuahua would make things a bit more interesting though...
I don't get it.. this is supposed to be my worst tile? Heh.. the other ones are a lot more ugly.
Re: Huh?
and for the record.. I meant *my* other tiles. :P
Re: Re: Huh?
i dunno what's wrong here either:

0.5 / 5 (28 Votes)
The regulars here rated this tile a 4.1

28 votes seems to be unusual anyway ...
Re: Re: Re: Huh?
That sounds like malice. Apparently, someone gave you a lot of low votes from a lot of IP addresses, or got eir friends to.

Don't worry about it; another tile or two will make up for it.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Huh?
That's not exactly a solution, some tiles take a while to make, "another tile or two" that could be many hours of work. I wonder if they log who voted where. In this case it might be worth looking into.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Huh?
nice blending and good continuation of ideas from the neighboring tiles. although the art is a bit blurry, you've caught on to the process of tiling very quickly. from a tiling standpoint I'd rate this tile a 5. from a artistic standpoint maybe a 3. good for a newbie! :)

as for the low score, the 33 votes makes it obvious that someone was jealous and submitted a lot of negative votes to achieve sum sort of self-gradification. oh well.

like blackterror said, a couple new tiles will probably make up for it.
good tile. good day.
It sucks...
...that someone would vote so low that many times on your tile. It's a good tile and I'll give it a 5 to bump that score up a bit. :-)
Thanks everyone.. I find it hard to believe someone would care so much about my little ol tile to sabotage it, but I can accept that. Hope it doesn't happen again. Aww well.
Re: Thanks
I love the tile you did :) Gave it a 5 to make a bit up for the negative votes, that your tile did not deserve.
Re: Re: Thanks
same here, 5 for bump up ... its a 3.5 in my eyes.