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This tile is from Newbies 19: The revenge of the auto-injector

Comment: Stone Face
By: ScorpS
Checked out at: December 09, 2002
Checked in at: December 10, 2002
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It only had 1 side to blend with, and I just couldn't get it to work. Sorry about that guys, next one will blend better.
What is it?
Some of you might recognise this. It's "inspired" from a piece of ancient Chinese copper art. I couldn't get the corroded copper look I wanted, so I added the cracks, now it looks more like some sort of green rock (maybe serpentine rock, but much darker), or an algae covered rock sculpture. Anyhow, tried to save it.
I Like it.
I think it's an interesting contribution. Blending those edges can be very tough, especially if it wasn't fully painted to start with. 4.