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Comment: Biochemija part 4 - Blind eyes vision
Checked out at: November 30, 2002
Checked in at: November 30, 2002
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I've reach my 300-points mile stone!
And i wanna celebrate it with giving 5 to myself :) )
Mystety user
Re: Hura!
great job. this is some of your best work. this 'biochemia'
Re: Re: Hura!
i agree Damien your whole Biochemija series looks like your best work 'so far'... my favorites from your work anyway ;o)
Hm... a question!
I have done 79 tiles. I have 300 points. But i have no tile good as 5. I think i'm doing somthing wrong.
If you can see how i can make my tiles better, please, tell me. I really need your advises.
Re: Hm... a question!
I personally can't believe that alot of your tiles would get less than a five... most of your biochemija (sp?) deserves 5+.
But perhaps they're a bit disturbing to some... the artwork is beautiful. Don't change anything.
Once your tiles are as great as this, it just comes down to opinion. Anything you change now would be for other people only, and not for yourself.
If Giger was a tilist here, with thousands voting, he probably would hardly get any fives either. But is he a master? Yes.
I'll give this one a coin when I make enough more tiles to get one. :)

The(person that writes this post)thinks this tile is worth a 5

i really donĀ“t know why this tile does not deserves a 5 if i could vote more that one time i vote a million times 5, this series of biochemia are great man.
i would not wanna change nothing of this tile ur stylre is great :) :D

Thank you, guys
... but, really, i wanted to read some critics on my tiles. I'm about an year in tiles and the fact i have no tiles with mark 5 makes me a bit depressed.
Thanks for coin, Caitlin!
Subj : )
i recognised your style damien
Re: hehe
So.. tell about it to the world!!! : )