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This tile is from Spreequilt #6 - The wicked mines of multiple creators

Comment: i must be getting close! I feel rain!!
By: greg
Checked out at: December 02, 2002
Checked in at: December 02, 2002
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haha... way cool title and the feeling of the wet dirt is actually really... wet =) ... water beautiful too... only thing I wonder is, what's the lightning in that cave? .. no biggie tho, this quilt is not very carefully lighted anyway... =)...
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yeah, it should be dark..
at first I had a spelunker in there with a head lamp and a pick axe, but that was too hard to fit all that in and make it look recognizable. so i decided a prisoner would be funny. he's got no light .it just requires some suspension of disbeleif for humor's sake :)
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hahaha. cool.
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yup lol ha ha poor fella:)
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Thanks, Mr. Beefy.