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This tile is from Spreequilt #6 - The wicked mines of multiple creators

Comment: The sea cave entrance (Man, I wish I had more time!)
Checked out at: November 13, 2002
Checked in at: November 14, 2002
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if you want more time, I can re-check it out to you.... otherwise - good job... feels like the light shining through the hole should ahve a different angle tho...
... :eR
More time would mean another 24 or more.
Not much time available till Fri night +2GMT.

You think the beam inside should be thinner?
I did the lighthouse beam 2nd, so the inside one wasn't a follow on.
So much
of the story left out...
Like the hardy tree that grows in the hollow just above where the surf breaks, or the crystal garden that reflects the light towards the ceiling, or the archway that was built diagonally across the stairs.

Can you see the surfer in the wave?
What lurks beneath in the deeper water?
Does the pool open up to a below-sea-level cavern?
Mystety user
Re: So much
oh wow, that bottom border's real nice. I could definetly picture an underwater cavern