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This tile is from Mainquilters 15: Its like something out of that twilighty show about that zone

Comment: i hate those black lines you know ;)
By: jito
Checked out at: September 26, 2002
Checked in at: September 26, 2002
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well, the black line is on your tile. :)
Re: um...
i know
and i knew those tentacles was yours also
Re: Re: um...
Nope, not mine. I've only done 3 tiles on this quilt, and they've been visible for a long time. :)
Re: um...
yet had a border "like" this one
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(I had a pretty corrupt border , too.)
I think it's pretty funny to do a black line on purpose
and in this case now that it's filled in it's a cool effect
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Re: 098fj43mf
in fact: if I could take that "in context" shot there and hang it on my wall, I would :)
Re: 098fj43mf
Really i don't know what happend, but i think that i've chesk my tile first time in it was downloaded corrupted :( ( So you had somthing very smugged. Then this tile was sended me back to fix, but you tile was already done : (
Re: 098fj43mf
i agree with Greg, it's funny... i had checked out the same tile much earlier but i had no idea what to do with it so i cancelled it. i looked at the quilt's progress last night before going to bed and when i saw what jito had done with the border i went to sleep laughing :oD

love the tree btw

Greg: what does "098fj43mf" mean? is it leet speak?
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Re: Re: 098fj43mf
hahaha rofl. no it's not leet speak.
if it was it would say " ogbfjaemf" or something
maybe that's an acronym?