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This tile is from We Are All Being Photomanipulated Again!

Comment: I like the style I acheived in this tile -expect to see my new works looking like this... or not, I dunno. =?
Checked out at: July 20, 2002
Checked in at: July 20, 2002
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Bomb ass!

this is sick
great tile!! 10+
this tile steals the whole quilt =)
I think it's an amazing tile, but it doesn't look much like a photomanip to me.
Re: great
for me too. But you know - there is a kind of stupid rule here - no photo in tiles. So what if i use some photos to make a tile? It's still the art. If people don't like using of photos in usual quilt - you can make such tile for potomanip quilt only : (
Re: Re: great
the no photo rule makes perfect sense. it doesn't take as much talent or time to simply drop a photo in a tile, than it does to take the time to draw it. and not using photos keeps the quilts lookin consistent. thats how i look at it.
thanks guys!
Thanks guys for the comments and coins! :D and root, it's a manip honest! :)
Re: thanks guys!
Heh, I'd be interested to see what the original tile was. Of course, this was a year ago, but... :p