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Comment: Poe Algorhythm
Checked out at: March 15, 2001
Checked in at: March 15, 2001
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not bad
Nice smear of the dragon on the left side...wasn't as bad as takkie's attempt. And I like the stretched out face in that red blob =) The main thing I don't like is those black lines right on the edges...really kills the blendIng.
I don't really like this one, your others are much better. It does kill the blending.
I don't like the way you smeared off the dragon at all. The point is to use the info you get from neighboring tiles, not just erase them off in a clean manner. You did the same thing on the right side of "I was so happy to get a 4-sided tile! This was my face when I saw it".

If you can pull info from one edge of your tile all the way across to the other side of the tile we will get artwork that flows over 5 or 6 tiles in every direction, not just smooth edges on 100 different pictures.
Re: Smear
You are totally correct on the whole 'smearing and cutting off the tiles, ending up with 100 different pictures' thing. However I think you chose a poor example. I was the right side that you spoke of in your post and I was actually surprised to see how well ol' mrbeefy blended all of those little wispy orange pixels I so ruthlessly presented to him. And if you think about it, the way he grabbed that little metal texture and created the earpiece of his glasses was pretty clever, because now the image has grown up out of your dragon and onto mrbeefy's happy face, which then flows across his glasses and his nose jumps on out of the other side of the tile. Considering all of the 'smear jobs' we've all seen in the past, I think we are heading in a much better direction on this quilt. Okay, I'm done. You guys all kick ass, by the way! Keep tiling.

- - Jobi
Re: Re: Smear
Thanks Jobi.

I guess I need to say something in my defense...
Perhaps I wouldn't if I hadn't made such a controversy over other tileists, but oh well.

When I make a tile, I always take these thoughts with me into the paint:

1.) The tile I make should not only blend in with the color of the tile next, but also it's texture and feel (and if lucky, theme.)

2.) Make a tile that means something, rather than just going all out on technique.

In this particular tile, I was given a 15pixel border of root88's excellent "dragon" tile. While this was the first tile most people saw on this new quilt, at the time I checked my tile out, I obviously had not seen the whole thing. This is, I believe, the fun and the magic of tiles.ice.org.
While this wonderfile tile set the standard for the "finally" quilt, some people apparently feel I've let them down with my adjoining tile. Okay.

Let's take a look at the 15 right-most pixels of root88's dragon. All I could see was a tile of smeared yellows and oranges. If I am to successfully blend this tile, I must not only match the colors contained within, but also the texture. The texture was a smear, folks, plain and simple. I turned these smeared colors into the feathers and head of a raven, torturing the poor soul next to him as the soul is confronted with the growing blue confetti of his past sins flowing out and enshrouding him. I'm saddened most, to see the author of the golden tile accusing me of cheesing out simply because I followed his styling cues.

On the topic of the black circuitry lines, okay fine, people don't like them. I felt the design was missing something, so I put them in to guide the eyes to tie together each of the elements in the composition. I guess some people felt I was destroying the illusion of the quilt by highlighting the individual tile. Fair enough. I think this tile, however, would be less aesthetically pleasing without them, but you're all the judge.

I hope this helps you deal with the disgust you've shown over this tile, as I feel it was bit of-the-mark.

I kind of felt that a more appropriate tile for dissension would have been my "Penis Robot" tile which was simply made for the fact that it's taboo to draw penises. But then again, there's some nice redeeming detail in the tapestry.
Go figure--who can forsee what's in the minds of the critics.
Re: Re: Re: Smear
oh well, your others tiles just rule so this one can be forgiven :) hehe.

btw. drawing penisses taboo? I did that on the previous quilt so I don't mind. Hell let's draw boobies and such!! :)
Re: Re: Re: Smear
> I turned these smeared colors into the feathers and head of a raven,
> torturing the poor soul next to him as the soul is confronted with the
> growing blue confetti of his past sins flowing out and enshrouding him.

Sorry man, I just dont see it. It looks like you just smeared my shapes into points and ended the blending there.
And the controversy roars on...
And we all stand by idle, and watch another martyr for the blind faith of creation get crucified.

For future reference, to avoid a similar fate for myself, which is more important-
The act of creation with feeling and meaning(be it personal or shared),
or a pretty little pattern that we can make by connecting all the dots in their proper order?
Granted, this is a situation where the freedom of expression is ordered and directed to a degree, but this raping of the scoring system is insinuating desire for a shiny, sparkling doodle sprawling mindlessly across the page.

It is possible, I suppose, that MrBeefy's ridiculously low score is the result of one or two fragile egos who could not handle the blunt honesty of Beefy's critiques. By God, I hope that is the case.
On the other hand, it could be that the current zeitgeist is against him. Maybe all the world wants is eyecandy that conforms to a specific set of parameters, regardless of how or why it got there. There's a scary thought.
what the hell?
hmm look at mrbeefy's scores on the tiles. I don't think he deserves that, someone or some people are being real assholes. I just wish there weren't any of those immature kids running around on the net. I guess we all need supervision now, ie a moderator, how lame.
Re: what the hell?
Ow, I would like to thank the person sending me that trojan horse to my email adress. How lame can you get?
Re: Re: what the hell?
How would they have gotten your email address? We don't display it anywhere on the site. Did you give it out in a post?

Okay, given that 3 people are really killing others on the votes (that's all, there's no abuse. Only 1 of them doesn't have an account, and their ip address isn't close to any account's ip).

What do you guys want? I can do any or all of the following:
1. limit voting on tiles to people who have created an account
2. show the votes on each tile along with the user who voted that
3. drop votes on any tile from the past 2 quilts, so we're only voting on this quilt's tiles

Re: Proposal
I suggest all three, people will be more careful in what they are voting.

I think they got my email of my site. The url of my site was visible for a few days under my account name.
Re: what the hell?
Thanks GRRR and MrScrappy.

I've got to admit that tiles seem to be less fun seeing the scoring set into place. If those are the scores that my tiles deserve, I certainly can't go at this project with the glee and intensity that I once had.

Perhaps it's karma getting me back for being so harsh on Willmeyer, but at the time I thought I was speaking for all the tilists here in defense of our quilt.

Maybe I take this thing to seriously.

Have fun, I guess.

black lines
I personally like this one. I think the blending is well done, and the black lines give it a nice effect. I think this is a case where a tile sticks out, but still fits in quite well.