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Comment: My first tile... done in a hurry =(
Checked out at: March 15, 2001
Checked in at: March 15, 2001
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I thought this tile would work out terribly
...but it didn't turn out as badly as I thought. I mean, it *is* pretty bad but the thing I like about it is how it doesn't have a focus right in the middle of the tile. I mean, it's harder to distinguish it as a tile in the quilt which is something that needs to be done more. I just didn't implement it very well =P
Re: I thought this tile would work out terribly
You are correct. Your self proclaimed mediocrity has turned out to be the perfect example we all needed. Overkill - while wonderful to show off everyone's mad pixel manipulatin' skillz - is best left on our hard drives. Who knows, enough tiles like this one and some giant abstracted image could form across the entire page after ten or twenty tiles. Simple idea - good tile. Keep tiling!

- - Jobi
I agree that the simplicity of the tile makes it work very well in the quilt. I think the quilt needs more tiles like this to help blend different images together. I find that right now the quilt looks like a whole bunch of little pictures that connect. Could be better. But this tile works wonderfully!
Thank you for your support =)