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Comment: techarchon
By: Jobi
Checked out at: March 12, 2001
Checked in at: March 12, 2001
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Good Blend with the quilt
and I wish my artwork was that good.
Re: Good Blend with the quilt
Thank you Pixel Polisher. And I have been meaning to thank you: Your Darth Maul tile on the last quilt made it so that I was not the only one to do a Star Wars tile. I love the high quality of artwork on the site, but at the same time it is great to see such a diversity that we can't forget not to take ourselves, or anyone else here TOO seriously. From seasoned graphics proffesionals down to the guy or gal discovering Photoshop's 'pixel polishing' exciting capabilities for the very first time - the various themes displayed here on the site have been a delightful contrast of tastes to this artist's eyes to say the least. Keep tiling everyone - these quilts rock!
Re: Re: Good Blend with the quilt
Okay, if anyone made it through that sentence in my last post without having to take a break and go get something to drink: I commend you on your stamina. Keep tiling.

- - Jobi
dubious intellect
This is the exact expression
my cat wears on her face in the morning, just before her futile attempt to kill me by running under my feet. Therefore this tile has a very personal appeal for me. Thank you, Jobi!