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Comment: The dragon I drawed from a tattoophotograph and those are NOT chinese characters hehe!! ;)
Checked out at: March 11, 2001
Checked in at: March 11, 2001
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Great Tile
I love the blend and the addition to the overall quilt. Great artwork!

Pixel Polisher
What are the chances of two dragon tiles next to eachother =) And what's it say at the bottom left? Looks like it says "Tits" if you tilt yer head to the right...hehe. Nice tile GRRR!
Re: Wow!
thanks! it does say tits :)
A 5!
I gave this tile a perfect score! Not only is it an attractive tile, the way the colors get pulled from the dragon tile above it to all the edges keeps the color scheme running to the tiles to the left and under your tile making a true COLLABORATION of work. This is what everyone should try and do!

The tits text wasn't needed, but I couldn't give you a 4.9 ;)