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Comment: OK guys I'm not a professional but I try!
Checked out at: March 13, 2001
Checked in at: March 13, 2001
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dubious intellect
This looks like something you drew yourself. If it is, I would love to see some more. Please!
Re: Cool!-Thanks and yes it is
It is another illustration used for a childrens book I have written and illustrated. As is that UGLY Duckling from the egg, UGHHH I really hate that tile. All of the tiles in this quilt I have done, I have drawn myself either in Photoshop or on a sketch pad then scanned in to polish up in Photo Shop. Or I have made the model in Animation Master by Hash. Trying to teach myself too many things at once it seems at times. Thanks for the compliment. The hobbies one picks up at age 50, LOL Just trying to keep up with my grandkids and their interest I guess.
It's got a nice feel to it and it's good that you didn't scale it so that it would have been another Postage Stamp tile (ie, a tile with a bit of artwork right in the center and empty edges all around) =)