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This tile is from Dragons Everywhere! (A Fantasy Themed Quilt)

Comment: scrimshaw? or bait?
Checked out at: May 20, 2002
Checked in at: May 20, 2002
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Mystety user
nice perspective on the rock pile
what's the 'c' stand for ? :)
Nice rocks
i am curiosuos too why the "c" :)
the "c" was intended as just another facet on a rock. i guess since the shadow starts there and i didn't highlight the right edge of the facet, it might look a little flat and makes y'all see a cryptic "c". i used a laptop for this one so maybe it's my monitor but there isn't an obvious "c" that i can see.

or maybe it's a freudian thingy... i'm originally from contra costa county in concord california... i'm in columbus today... and my wife's name is Cyn ;o]

Re: actually...
hmmm...wow! i guess the composition is a big "c" too... i ddn't see that before

[place twilight zone music here]
good job with the borders