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This tile is from Tribute to Salvador Dali

Comment: that thing he does
By: greg
Checked out at: March 14, 2002
Checked in at: March 14, 2002
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I'm lost
Please explain to me how this tile has anything to do with Dali, and don't say "the texture" either.
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Re: I'm lost
uh...atmospheric perspective?
wtf. it's a bloated skull with a wagon wheel
what do you want
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and a mysterious appendage
gimme a break
Re: oh...
ok, I thought I missed something. I can still only see the wagon wheel though. What happened to the blending at the top?
Re: Re: oh...
Did you get a light stripe from the tile above yours? That's what it looks like.
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Re: Re: Re: oh...
yes I did
Re: Re: oh...
I think that the wheel is attached to the skull. See the eye sockets above and to the right of it?

And when you get a light strip, aren't you supposed to ignore it?
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Re: Re: Re: oh...
I don't know what I'm supposed to do
maybe you do
when you consider...
that Dali is credited with over 1500 wild and weird pieces, [ranging through several styles and moods]. imho it would be hard to do anything surrealistic without being able to find some comparison to one, or more, of his works.
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Re: when you consider...
I agree with you raganaga. I've been looking thru a lot of dali's works and he goes all across the board...from rennaisance masterlike painting to using expressive slopppy style.
but I hope that's not to say I'm just stumbling in the dark hoping for the odds to be in my favor.
blend //quality
beside the blend it's ok
with a greg style

why not