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This tile is from Newbies 8: We Can Hold Our Own

Comment: Mushroom soup
Checked out at: February 18, 2002
Checked in at: February 18, 2002
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yeah, same thing, blending, you need to draw in the lines, so when you upload it the blending is ok
Re: blending
Ouch, it looks like you barely blended at all :( Things like the road and my stuff at the top of the bottom tile just stop in the middle of nowhere, and things like those eyes start too close to the edge of the tile.
Re: Re: blending
I ended the road the same way it had ended in the tile to the left of youors, it didn't show it in the corner of this tiel but I realized in the quilt that the tile to the left of the road tile was finihsed and it ended the road on the golden brown. I guess I shouldn't have added the mossy look and just left the blend of grays coming in fron the left and bottom though. On the top I finished the pink bannana looking cresent, I added the eye balls where my tile started, the tile to hte left already gave me the black area to have to deal with, but I coudln't make the eyes overlap off my tile into the one already done. Sorry, I did the best I could, I won't be doing anymore in this web site so you don't have to worry. It was fun to try my hand though thanks.
Re: Re: Re: blending
woha, relax, dont have to be so straight edge on the website! It was a hard tile, give it another try... dont leave for good, just give it a break, you dont have to just quit..
Re: Re: Re: blending
hey, you can't let a few sad faces get you down. I think you've been improving and I look forward to seeing more art from you... quitting is noone's gain.
Re: Re: Re: Re: blending
yeah, dont leave, you have some cool tiles, but you just need to work on your blending, just stay in the draw here box, and it will all work out
I didn't mean to be harsh, you just need to practice your blending. And why are you leaving?
Flower Power
Dont leave because of a couple of bad criticisms.

Rainbows.. mushrooms.. you have a nice flower power kind of thing going on here..
Don't Quit!
i like your work too. the blending of your edges will get better. it's hard to let it "roll off your back" when you get criticized undiplomatically, but try not to take it "too" seriously. my own humble opinion is that there is definitely a place here for your tiles. keep smiling, tiling and having fun 8^)