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Comment: Funked Junk
Checked out at: December 04, 2001
Checked in at: December 05, 2001
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do you really use a mouse to do that?
do you?
it's amazing anyway
5 !!
Re: do you really use a mouse to do that?
Yes.. This tile I did with a mouse (but its probably my last "mouse-tile")..

I just bought a tablet--and I am currently battling the learning curve--but it looks REALLY promising once I master it.. I am quite sure that I will never go back to drawing with a mouse.. Once your hand eye coordination "locks" with the digital pen / tablet, its brilliant experience.

Wacom Graphire2 = $99 = Brilliant HUI.

Woo hoo!
More like this! I like it when you make recognizable objects instead of just using the clone tool to make an indescribable mass of... abstract... stuff.
Re: Woo hoo!
i don't think he use clone tool...
Re: Another tool, out of the toolbox...
With the Smudge tool and the Clone tool thrown out of the toolbox, will you be kind enough to inform the website as to which tools are still permissible? Why don't you ask Aldus if they'll exclude those tools when they upgrade Photo Shop,
it'd probably give us a price break!
Respectfully, Eddie M.
Re: Re: Another tool, out of the toolbox...
Well Eddie, you say this is the best tile he's ever done. You can do all of this with just a paintbrush or an airbrush tool, and the smudge tool. Pretty simple, huh? :)

I think I still see a little bit of clone tool in there, but it's not as noticable as his past tiles. I really don't mind it if that isn't the first thing I see when I look at the tile.
Re: Re: Another tool, out of the toolbox...
It's not that he used the clone tool, it's HOW he used the clone tool. I think you missed Gecko's point. I've used the clone tool on almost every one of my tiles and no one has complained yet.
Re: Re: Re: Another tool, out of the toolbox...
the only thing I think look cloned here is the holes//nails ... but I didn't really notice until I really searched for it. On the other hand, I'm not widely known for my perception.
John- Gorgeous tile!
Since I can't vote you a 5, I'll award you an under-the-counter 6 and tell you that it's (in my esteem), the BEST tile that you've ever done @.ice! Really great work John, you've outdone yourself!
Best Wishes, Eddie M.
Re: John- Gorgeous tile!
yup. I'll second that (that it's his best tile)...
The more I look at it, the more I like it :)
At Last, a tile with room!
Now, that's a nice size tile! John, how does it feel to get away from the postage stamp series? I can see the tile from across the room! I just had to pat your back once more and now that this beauty has gathered a crowd, it's nice to see that your work is held in such high regard. Judy, thank you for not shoving my comment up my butt but I believed that you were taking inference to John's capacity for abstract imagery often accomplished by "cloning" areas of a pattern and rearranging the clones while changing their color and or texture as you pattern them in. I will always regard John's work as unique in this way, just as each of us have certain characteristics that serve as earmarks for the style in which we work most consistantly.I will accede that Shaun is correct in his presumption of your inference as to the cloning tool and the validity thereof. I should have consigned myself to simply commending John on his very excellent tile and left my sarcasm out of the thread! Thanks Judy for responding so abjectively! Warm Regards to all and Happy Holidays to everyone!
Eddie M.