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Back from an eight year hiatus*, we present to you the most incredible, beautiful, magnificent, wondrous, [insert even more adjectives here], thing you have ever seen in your lifetime: ice.org v3! Did you hear that? Crank up your speakers to 100% (we'll wait) and read that again. Yes, it's true, we are completely back (almost), mofo's!

Please check out the site, randomly click on things like a drunk monkey, reminisce the good old days, enjoy the great old school artwork, eat a burrito, and join the forums to tell us how awesome we are.

If you had an account a decade ago and still have the same email address, you can reset your password and be on your way. Feel free to make a new account if you like. If you are having trouble resetting your password for any reason, email Root and he'll hook you up. Feel free to contact Farmy if you would like a shell account.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Coming "soon": completely working tiles.ice.org! You can still browse the old quilts for now.

Your best buddies,
    root88 & MassD

*Really, we never left, we've just been idling irc for the past 95 months.


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