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Comment: Everyone's Favorite Server
By: gecko
Checked out at: December 04, 2001
Checked in at: December 05, 2001
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the power-cord...
looks a little thing... still really cool... lime rules.
Re: the power-cord...
thin even... (whack my ass with a pony for being stupid and not noticing the obvious error of my spelling...
Hooray for lime :)
Go lime go! Serve those pages! Block those trillian users! Do it baby!

Incidentally, we have a new scsi drive on the way now (thanks slothy!), and farmy's donating a scsi controller, so the box should really pep up as soon as we get it in there!

And if it weren't for cheapasses cancelling their donations, we'd be even better off :)

Re: Hooray for lime :)
Hey, if it weren't for cheapasses cancelling their donations, I wouldn't have realized that I had to go in and accept each donation manually! So my apologies to those who had it sitting there waiting to go somewhere. It's in my, err ice's, pocket finally! Thanks everyone :)