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This tile is from Theme: What did Besse (the cow) Eat?

Comment: Is the border thing good?
Checked out at: June 30, 2001
Checked in at: June 30, 2001
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It's gorgeous, beautiful.
If ever you had a really professional looking tile, Jakub, this tile is definately it. I'ts the best tile that you've ever done, in my opinion. I gave you a maximum vote because the art is worthy of it. I was so impress by it, that I spent a half hour studying it for scan marks. I really mean it Jake, THIS is a fantastic job and I think that you've got more talent in your hands than you know. Please continue in this tight line form, this crispness, the brilliance of the colors. Yes,I really like this tile and I see so much discipline in it. Keep at it Jakub, you are on your way to the hall of fame... Best regards, Eddie