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This tile is from Theme: What did Besse (the cow) Eat?

Comment: 4th tile - getting a little more crazy by the hour
Checked out at: June 28, 2001
Checked in at: June 28, 2001
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Nice idea, well done but....Blending ?
I really like the Orbs in the tree idea. Nicely done and you flowed it into the tile above fairly well, but the right and bottom tiles appear to have absolutely no blend done at all. Could have been a 4. You other tile as well, excellent artwork, I love it, but for the quilts, but needs blending.

Re: Nice idea, well done but....Blending ?
Thanks Lisa,
I was a little confused about where the area between where I can draw and what is shown of the next tile. I assumed that this was a buffer area that I could slightly alter the nearest tile to blend into mine. You'll see that anything involving a sharp line I was off by a long shot. I probably should have waited until my 1st tile was posted instead of getting completely hooked - resulting in four completed tiles before one was even visible. It should be a little bit clearer on this in the mini-tutorial for newbies.
Questions - Is there etiquette regarding voting on your own tiles? I find that when I get a tile that has a piece of high caliber work on it that I will push myself harder - and I know that I am my own worst critic. However, this whole scoring thing baffles me...if someone votes and comments on one of my tiles do I owe them the courtesy of checking out one of theirs and giving some feedback? Am I even qualified to critique someone - example - If the new guy at work made a negative comment about something I did at the office; I'd probably slap him out in the parking lot. It's probably better to make friends here than enemies - in contrast to the business world. Which leads me to saying that I appreciate yours or any feedback that can help.